let go of the wheel

sometimes we try to hold on too tight to the wheel of life, doing our best to control everything that happens, every single street we turn to, and that’s cool, it’s important to know where we are going, and to not lead an aimless existence. But sometimes it’s also good to let go of the wheel, to sit in the backseat and let life takes its own turns. Most of the things that happen in our life are completely at of our control (our name, the family we were born into, our country of birth, our sex, etc.) and it’s important to live at peace with those things, to just let them go or live with them as they are. Living at war with ourselves and life only causes pain, a pain that goes deep down into our souls and that only goes away when we learn to surrender, not giving up but surrender. Surrender as to accept that life is now, and that the now is the only thing that truly exists, so we might as well stay at peace with it and work towards a better future without resentment for what is.

Life happens for us, not to us, once we understand this and have faith that the universe is guiding us in the right path, we start lo live at peace. The universe chooses for us, and it speaks directly into our souls to let us know what our mission is, which one is the right step to take, we just need to listen closely to what it has to say and don’t let the voices around us dictate our lives.

As human beings, we are all living life through different lenses, having a unique experience, and only by searching deep down and listening closely to our hearts we lead a happy life. Start listening to what the universe is telling you, let it lead your life, guide you through the lessons you need to learn in order to become the best version of yourself, and true happiness will fill your heart.